Heildverslunin Aggva ehf.

Established in April 2005

Build up to maintain the good relationship we have with customers

To fill gaps (niches) on the market, in the private sector and hospitals, which big firms cannot for fill

Be leading in the market by providing god service and relationship with our customers

Dealing with devises for the private sector and hospitals, seeking new solution and best prices in supplies and instruments


Small overhead  

Just in time service – no big inventory

The market:

Population c.a. 370.000 inhabitants

1 university hospital and 10 smaller ones and many private practices


Topcon Helthcare

B&S (Small instruments and spare parts for glasses for opticians)

Essilor (Lens edger’s)

Rudy project (Sport glasses)

Medilens (Dry eye products, HyloComod, HyloGel, HyloFresh, Hylo Dual Intense, VitaPos, Evotears) FCI

Observe medical (KAI Curette and Biopsy punch)

Medfour Manuka, Activon, Actilite, Eclipse and Siltape